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9 Highly Anticipated K-dramas to watch in December 2023 [ Releasing ]

by ranyeen

This month, streaming platforms are overflowing with fantastic content, including critically acclaimed films, riveting new series, and intriguing documentaries that are making their streaming debut.
There will be a ton of thrilling new K-dramas this month, ranging from romantic to scary.

December will finally provide some of the most eagerly awaited and thrilling K-dramas of 2023 as we draw to a conclusion.

In the meantime, fans of conventional murder mysteries prefer Maestra: Strings of Truth, starring Lee Young-ae as a secretive orchestra conductor who seems to be surrounded by weird happenings.

On the other hand, Disney+ has returned with the second installment of their K-drama Soundtrack romance anthology. Rising actress Geum Sae-rok and Pachinko’s Noh Sang-hyun will play a new couple on Soundtrack #2.

9 Most Incredible new K-dramas Releasing in December 2023 on Streaming Platforms

1) Sweet Home (Season 2)

Sweet Home (Season 2)

The highly anticipated second season of Sweet Home continues where the events of the first season left off, with the Green Home residents having successfully escaped the monsters within their apartment complex.

But with the few areas of civilization still standing under military rule, the motley crew of survivors must now contend with new foes. As the world collapses, our protagonist Hyun-soo, who has been arrested, seeks to determine how his powers may help save humanity.

2) Welcome to Samdalri 

Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hae Sun portray childhood pals who grew up in Samdalri on Jeju Island in the romantic comedy. They split up and moved away, but they later returned to their hometown and started dating.

On December 2, Welcome to Samdalri will debut on JTBC. In some areas, it will also be accessible on Netflix.

3)Night Has Come

A group of high school kids are unexpectedly compelled to play a lethal real-life game of mafia on a class retreat.

Night Has Come will debut on U+ MobileTV on December 6 and be accessible on Viki in some areas.

4) Soundtrack 2

New protagonists Keum Sae Rok and Noh Sang Hyun are featured on the soundtrack, which also features a fresh romantic tale. Years later, after their college romance ends due to post-graduate life’s challenges, they get back together. On December 6, Soundtrack #2 will debut exclusively on Disney+.

5)  Maestra: Strings of Truth

The enigma The French TV show Philharmonia served as an inspiration for K-Drama. The role of actress Lee Young Ae is that of a reclusive conductor who uncovers the truth about the odd goings-on around her orchestra. Maestra: Strings of Truth will debut on tvN on December 9.

6) Death’s Game

Death’s Game, which is based on the same-titled Naver webtoon, centers on Choi Yi-jae , a young man who attempts suicide after losing all of his money in a bitcoin fraud. Death (Park So-dam from Parasite) is offended by Yi-jae’s lack of concern for death, so she decides to punish him by making him play a game in which he must die 12 times before being transported to hell.
Yi-jae discovers that if he survives in any of the 12 incarnations, he can live out his entire life. Even after taking his own life, he begins to question whether things would have gone differently if he had lived the lives of others.

7) Like Flowers in Sand :

Like Flowers in Sand explores the difficulties of young adults searching for their identity against the backdrop of traditional Korean wrestling in Geosan. “Like Flowers in Sand” debuts on ENA on December 20.

If you want to know more information about “Like flowers in Sand” , we have covered an article on it related to Cast, production time, location and many more. Just go through it once.

8)  Gyeongseong Creature

Rich informant Jang Tae-sang  and missing persons detective Yoon Chae-ok encounter an odd and terrible creature in the spring of 1945, during the Japanese rule of Gyeongseong. It soon becomes evident that the creature, which was created out of human greed, is responsible for a recent spate of disappearances in the metropolis. The two struggle with the terrible reality they must now confront and get involved in putting an end to the creature.
On December 22, Gyeongseong Creature will debut exclusively on Netflix.

9)  My Happy End

Seo Jae-won is the CEO of a reputable furniture company with a sizable social media following at work. She is a self-made woman. She is married to the good-hearted Heo Soon-young at home, and the two of them have a lovely daughter.
A failed marriage and unfulfilling work await Jae-won’s university friend Kwon Yun-jin , whose life isn’t as expected. Following a fortuitous reunion with Jae-won, Yun-jin finds herself feeling envious of her friend’s lifestyle.

On December 26, My Happy End will have its TV Chosun debut. It will also be accessible to stream on Viki in some countries.

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