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“Field Browser Doesn’t Contain a Valid Alias Configuration” : How to Fix it ?

by ranyeen
Fix Field Browser Doesn’t Contain a Valid Alias Configuration

The process of establishing a new web application might occasionally result in the appearance of problems such as “Field browser does not contain a valid alias configuration.”

During the process of compiling your code, if you see an error that says “Field ‘browser’ does not contain a valid alias configuration,” please refer to the following advice and suggestions in order to resolve the problem. You may get this problem on either Webpack or Webpack2, depending on which one you use.

There are some kinds of issues that can prohibit your web applications from functioning correctly. Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue, and in this piece, we are going to demonstrate its solution to you.

How to Fix Field Browser Doesn’t Contain a Valid Alias Configuration ?

Check  import paths 

Please check the configuration of your Webpack.
Find the line that is stated below:  import DoISuportIt from ‘components/DoISuportIt’;
Alter it so that it reads: import DoISuportIt from ‘./components/DoISuportIt’;
Now that these adjustments have been made, check to see if the issue has been rectified.

Check the entry resolve values

Make sure your configuration file is open.
Find the value of the entry, and check to see that the path is being entered correctly. The absence of a./ at the beginning of the file name is mostly always the cause of the issues.
After that, check the resolve value to ensure that it is included in the compilation.
Because this technique was successful for React projects, you are free to experiment with it.

Check the casing

The configuration file should be opened.
You should look for the line that says: ./path/pathCoordinate/pathCoordinateForm.component

Modify it so that it reads: ./path/pathcoordinate/pathCoordinateForm.component

It is important to make sure that the casing on your file paths is correct because this is only one example of the problem, and it may not work for everyone.

Do a check on your aliases

Make sure your configuration file is open.
The next step is to discover your aliases and examine them in great detail.
Verify that they are not utilizing any names that are currently in use to avoid any confusion.
Users stated that Field browser does not have a proper alias configuration since they used redux as an alias. However, the problem was fixed after the users changed the alias to something else.

See whether there are any typos.

Open the file  webpack.config.js.
Take a look for any typos, particularly those that pertain to orders.
Moreover, check to see if the export command is working properly.
If this is not the case, you can modify it by adding the following code and saving the changes: the default exporter . According to the configuration, a number of users have complained that they have used export rather than exports, which is what caused this issue. Additionally, the problem may manifest itself if the export command is not included at the very end of the configuration file.

What are the steps to fix “Module not found” in Webpack?

Performing a module path check is necessary in order to resolve the error message “Module not found” that appears in Webpack. This message is displayed whenever you use the import command to import a module. According to what had been said earlier, it is strongly recommended to check for mistakes and verify the command in great detail. It is important to keep in mind that in order to use the import path, you must use the./ symbol.

What is the exact solution to the error “no extension” in Webpack?

If you attempt to compile your code without using the appropriate alias, Webpack will not display any extension errors. To put it another way, you need to validate the module path, check for typos, and verify other things. You should examine the syntax casing and validate the aliases. This is the most crucial thing you should do.

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