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Meet Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s New Love: Lateasha Lunceford on ‘Married to Medicine’

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Season 10 of “Married to Medicine” is here, and it’s bringing a dose of drama that fans can’t resist. With every new season comes new faces, and one familiar character is back with a new lady by his side. Dr. Gregory Lunceford, previously married to Quad Webb, has moved on. Now comes the actual question i.e. Who is this new lady in his life?

Dr. Gregory was a permanent fixture in past seasons, alongside his ex-wife Quad Webb, from whom he separated in 2019. Since then, he’s found love with Lateasha. They tied the knot in April 2023, and fans are eager to learn more about this new addition to “Married to Medicine.”

Who is Lateasha Lunceford ? [ Career , Personal & Professional Info ]

Lateasha Lunceford, affectionately known as “Sweet Tea” by her loved ones. Before her appearance on Season 10 of “Married to Medicine,” here’s what you need to know about her.

Lateasha Lunceford is the latest member of the “Married to Medicine” family and is married to Dr. Gregory Lunceford. She hails from Arkansas and was raised in Killeen, Texas. After high school, she joined the Air Force Reserves as a Pharmacy Tech and later graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor’s degree in Integrative Studies.

Lateasha is not only devoted to her husband but also actively involved in business projects and passionate about community service.

Growing up in Killeen, a military town in Texas, exposed Lateasha to people from Army backgrounds. This early exposure sparked her passion for service and helping others. Before pursuing higher education, she joined the U.S. Air Force Reserves as a Pharmacy Tech.

In addition to her career, Lateasha is a digital creator who shares her makeup skills and provides cooking and relationship advice on her YouTube channel, where she engages with her fanbase.

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What is the Age Gap between Lateasha Lunceford and Dr. Gregory Lunceford ?

Dr. Gregory and Lateasha

It’s worth noting that there’s a significant age gap between Dr. Gregory and Lateasha. Dr. Gregory was born on April 21, 1967, making him 56 years old, while Lateasha is 32 years old. This age difference of over two decades has raised some eyebrows. Interestingly, Dr. Gregory’s ex, Quad, is 11 years older than Lateasha.

Lateasha and Dr. Gregory tied the knot in April 2023 in Atlanta, having gotten engaged while on vacation in September 2022. Their engagement was documented on their respective social media platforms. As of now, the couple does not have any children, and it will be intriguing to see how the other ladies on the show react to Dr. Gregory’s new relationship in Season 10.

Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s Net worth & Profession

As for Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s net worth, he’s estimated to be worth $1 million. He’s a professional Psychiatry Specialist with extensive experience in Personality Disorders and Psychotic Disorders, practicing in Atlanta. Dr. Gregory and Quad Webb were previously married and appeared together on “Married to Medicine” from season 1 until their separation in season 6, with their divorce finalized in 2019.

Faqs :

  • Where is Lateasha from and what is her educational background?
    Lateasha is from Killeen, Texas, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Integrative Studies from the University of North Texas.
  • What is Lateasha’s profession?
    Lateasha is a digital creator and shares makeup tips, cooking advice, and love tips on YouTube.
  • What is the age difference between Dr. Gregory and Lateasha?
    Dr. Gregory is 56 years old, while Lateasha is 32, resulting in a 24-year age gap.
  • When did Dr. Gregory and Lateasha get married?
    They got married in April 2023 in Atlanta after getting engaged in 2022.
  • What is Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s estimated net worth?
    Dr. Gregory Lunceford is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million.
  • Who was Dr. Gregory Lunceford previously married to?
    Dr. Gregory was previously married to Quad Webb, and their divorce was finalized in 2019.

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