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Netflix Discontinued “Agent Elvis”, So don’t expect Season 2

by ranyeen

Online Streaming Platform Netflix has decided to discontinue a few of its well-known shows like Farzar, Captain Fall, Agent Elvis, Shadow and Bone etc. Here in this article we will stick to ‘Agent Elvis’ and the reason behind Netflix’s canceling it.

To be frank Netflix has endured significant transformations with fluctuations in the subscribers count and few changes that’s going on in the streaming business. Not only Netflix, other leading streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, Peacock etc. are also facing similar issues.

“Agent Elvis” is an animated web series with action and comedy as its main ingredients is going to be hammered down by Netflix. This Web Series was produced by Sony Pictures Television and Titmouse and they didn’t compromise on the quality of the output. Iconic Music , unique animation style in the web series will surely make you believe my words.

In this Animated Show “Elvis Presley was portrayed as a spy working for the government”.

“Agent Elvis” first premiered on March 17th 2023 with ten episodes. With A1-Listed voice cast like Matthew McConaughey, Katlin Olson, Niecy Nash, Johnny Knoxville and Don Cheadle the show has gained positive reviews and immense popularity. “Agent Elvis” was on headlines not only because of critics’ positive reviews but also with the controversy sparked among the Elvis fans.

Since the date of its premiering, one question was in every Netflix user’s mind, especially for the animated series lovers. Whether Netflix has given green-lit for a second season or it is just another limited series in its slate. And the answer to this query came to limelight only after Deadline published an article regarding this.

Agent elvis

Deadline in one of its blog posts recently shared that Netflix has no plans to continue “Agent Elvis”. Along with this animated show, Netflix has decided to cancel a few other shows like Shadow and Bone, Glamorous, Farzar and  Captain Fall. 

A rundown of what we know so far is “A total of 5 series are hammered down by Netflix which includes 3 Animated web Series”.

Following the announcement of the show’s cancellation, John Eddie, the showrunner, took to Facebook to share his thoughts. He expressed pride in the work they accomplished on the show during its run.

Why has Netflix Discontinued “Agent Elvis”  ?

The decision to cancel the show was based on a few factors like viewership numbers and the issues related to ongoing strikes.

Cost of production and the number of viewers are not in sync , so they have taken the tough decision to discontinue the web series. The viewership data for the series was challenging to assess as it didn’t feature in the usual metrics used to track performance on Netflix. 

Even Though the series has gained positive reviews it could not position itself in the top 10 lists on Netflix globally or in any country to be precise. 

Due to the lack of viewership globally and due the actors’ strikes, Netflix has taken a daring step to not renew “Agent Elvis”. Hope this decision will be fruitful to them in the coming days.

So what’s your take on Netflix discontinuing “Agent Elvis” ? Do you support their decision or not ? Please do share your views in the comment section.

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