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Netflix’s ” Fool Me Once”, the most recent Harlan Coben adaption, has been released

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With British actress Michelle Keegan in the forefront, Fool Me Once is set to be the subsequent significant adaptation of Netflix’s collaboration with the renowned writer Harlan Coben. Everything you need to know about Fool Me Once, who is expected to be among the first arrivals in 2024, is provided here.

The 2016 novel will be adapted into an eight-part thriller, with each episode lasting roughly sixty minutes. This adaptation, however, will take place in the United Kingdom rather than the United States, unlike in the book.

Fool me once

Netflix’s Fool Me Once: plot.

This latest series from Coben on Netflix features a cast that includes Michelle Keegan, Adeel Akhtar, Richard Armitage, Joanna Lumley, Emmett J. Scanlan, and Dino Fetscher.

The story follows Keegan’s character, Maya, as she struggles to deal with her husband Joe’s (Armitage) horrific murder. However, Maya is startled to discover a man she remembers in her home when she installs a nanny cam to watch over her young daughter. Although he struggles with his own secrets, her spouse, Detective Sergeant Sami Kierce (Akhtar), whom she believed to be dead, is in charge of the homicide investigation into Joe’s death.

Nicola Shindler’s Quay Street, the production company behind Dead Hot, an upcoming Amazon Prime Video series, and After the Flood on ITV, is behind Fool Me Once. A longtime partner of Coben, Shindler is EPing Fool Me Once alongside Coben, Danny Brocklehurst, and Richard Fee.

Fool Me Once: Release Date on Netflix

Fool Me Once will launch globally on Netflix on January 1, 2024, according to a November 2023 announcement from Netflix UK. This implies you can start the New Year with a suspenseful Harlen Coben book. Optimism

Fool me once Trailer :

Who is starring in Netflix’s Fool Me Once?

Maya SternMichelle Keegan
Detective Sergeant Sami KierceAdeel Akhtar
Joe BurkettRichard Armitage
Judith BurkettJoanna Lumley
Shane TessierEmmett J. Scanlan
Marty McGregorDino Fetscher

When and where was the Fool Me Once movie filmed?

For the most part, the project’s filming took place in Manchester, England, over about six months. The official start of filming began in February 2023.

Additionally, a brief period of filming was conducted in the Andalucía region of southern Spain for the project.

Michelle Keegan revealed on Instagram on July 30 that the project’s filming had been completed.

Can we expect “Fool Me Once” Season 2?

A big No.

It will be a limited series, just like all the other Netflix adaptations of Harlen Coben.

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