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Sara Blake Cheek a Mother from Florida Claimed that her Son was bullied because she makes here living through OnlyFans

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A story of a Mother from Florida whose family, especially her son was bullied because she make money by making porn for OnlyFans.

Because she earns her income by making porn for OnlyFans, a married mother from Florida disclosed that her son has been teased and barred from a hockey facility.

Sara Blake Cheek, 32, claimed that since she publishes X-rated content online, she and her family have experienced abuse.

The mother of four, who has been featured on the cover of Playboy, is earning $480,000 a year from the site onlyfans.

She claims that because of her work in adult entertainment, she has been the target of strange harassment from neighbor’s, kids’ coaches, and even the fire department. Her small family have been the focus of constant abuse from the Florida community.

What Happened to Sara Blake Cheek’s Son ?

One of the most recent events happened in October at the Ellenton Ice & Sports Complex during their 9-year-old son Camden’s hockey game. There was an argument throughout the game.

Matt recounted the incident, saying, “Our child Camden gets hit into the glass right in front of Sara.” Yes, get that kid out, shouted the parent of the boy who attacked Camden, according to Matt.

She went after the neighbors who were making fun of her ten-year-old kid, and that’s how the fight started.

Cheek told the New York Post, “The man threatened to beat my f***king ass.” “The parent behind me starts cheering that my kid is hurt when he gets slammed into the boards.”

After three days, the property’s general manager sent the Cheeks an email letting them know that Camden was no longer permitted to play hockey there and that the family was prohibited from using the facility in general.

For the past three years, Cheek has been feeding and providing all the requirements for her family by using the OnlyFans network, where consumers pay for content that is typically sexual and comes from a variety of “creators.”

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“I believe that my accomplishments have intimidated others or instilled in them a sense of insecurity regarding their own decisions,” Cheek continued. “They take their frustrations on me, not realizing that they’re also venting on my children.”

Following staff and parent discovery of her risqué profession, Cheek disclosed in February that her seven-year-old kid had been “suspended” from school.

After gossiping parents exposed her for making money on OnlyFans, Cheek claimed she was forced to homeschool her son, who had been suspended temporarily. The mother of four expressed her humiliation at the way the school treated her.

Cheek said, “My son was even suspended from school, and when I tried to get in touch with the principal, she wouldn’t talk to me or explain why he was being mistreated just because I did OnlyFans.

Sara claimed that the school’s response to her personal life is “unjust and awful” and that her employment is “no different” from that of celebrities who film sex scenes or make nude appearances in films.

Before the suspension, Sara claims she was also barred from her children’s football team, preventing her from accompanying them to practices, games, or interactions with coaches.

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