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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Season 2 : What We know so far

by ranyeen

Recently, Netflix released the anime version of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s adored comic Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, originally adapted for film thirteen years ago.

Many have wondered if Scott Pilgrim Takes Off would return to Netflix for a second season following its overwhelming popularity. Unfortunately, we don’t think Scott Pilgrim Takes Off will get a second season anytime soon.

The Scott Pilgrim comic was first serialized in 2004 when Oni Press published it. The comic ended in 2010, which was strangely the year that the movie based on it was produced, after six years.

Despite its disastrous box office run, the film became a cult favorite and was regarded as one of the best-kept action comedies of the twenty-first century by enthusiasts.

Bryan Lee O’Malley, the man behind the Scott Pilgrim comic book and its creator, is back for the anime adaptation, serving as co-showrunner, writer, and executive producer with Ben David Grabinski.

The fact that almost every member of the original cast was reprising their role contributed to the excitement surrounding the debut of the Scott Pilgrim animated series. Japan-based studio Science SARU took responsibility for the animation of the series.

Can we expect Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Season 2? What is the Status?

While writing this article, i.e. [November 25, 2023 ], there was no official announcement regarding Season 2.
We should not be surprised, given there has been no news about a possible renewal of the series, considering it has only been available to stream on Netflix for a week.

The series had just three days to make the list that week, but it still hasn’t cracked the top ten worldwide. The animated series will likely be included in the weekly Netflix watching figures between November 20 and November 27.

Based on the above stats, it is doubtful that Scott Pilgrim Takes Off will return for another season.

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