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‘Sonic Prime’ Season 3: Expected Release Date and What We know till date

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‘Sonic Prime’ Season 3 : Every piece of information we have on the ‘Sonic Prime’ third season is detailed here.

Looking forward to the 3rd season, what are your expectations? Netflix has clarified this, so you need not think about it.

Season 3 will continue from where season 2 left off, and Netflix has given a brief summary of it:

“With the power of the Paradox Prism under his control Nine turns the Shatterverse upside-down. However, the Prism power is as unstable as its wielder, and requires energy trapped inside of Sonic to stabilize. Extracting said energy, however, means that Sonic himself may shatter! As the final battle for the fate of the Shatterverse – and Green Hill – begins, Sonic will be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends and enemies alike!”

Who Voices for ‘Sonic Prime’ Season 3 ?

Deven Mack, who voices Sonic, Birdie, and a few other characters, returns for Sonic Prime’s third season. Ian Hanlin expressed several characters, including Froggy and Big the Cat. Shannon Chan-Kent as Rusty Rose, and Brian Drummond returns as Eggman.

During the most recent Geeked Week event, Netflix aggressively promoted Sonic Prime Season 3, continuing their months-long tease. A new official trailer for the upcoming season was shown at that event.

When is “Sonic Prime Season 3” coming out?

Numerous speculations were online after Geeked Week regarding a January 2024 release date. It is somewhat true, i.e., season 3 will be released in 2024 but may not be in January. Netflix has simply mentioned that the release date will be in 2024; they didn’t say the date and time.

Twenty-four episodes of the show were ordered in advance. This original order will be concluded by Season 3, which is expected to have eight episodes. So, in order to carry the series further, we are waiting for confirmation or news about the renewal for season 4 and beyond.

Sonic Prime Season 3 First Look Revealed by Netflix

“Sonic Prime” has become very popular among Sonic fans. Season 2’s surprising twist and the show’s excellent depiction of character interactions have earned the show much praise, and viewers can’t wait for Season 3 announcements. Even though Netflix hasn’t said when Season 3 will be available, they’ve already unveiled a short teaser in an effort to get fans excited for what’s to come.

The “Sonic Prime” teaser was shared on the official Netflix Geeked account. After breaking the Paradox Prism, Sonic and Shadow work together to fight various enemies in the teaser. More so, after Nine gets the Paradox Prism fixed and brings it to the Grim, Sonic and Nine end up fighting. Lastly, the teaser shows an enemy robot squad that is eerily identical to Sonic’s friends.

No matter how excited the teaser made “Sonic Prime” fans feel, that’s all they can see for now. Besides saying that Season 3 is “coming soon,” Netflix has been mum about when exactly it will be available. All of this points to a possible hiatus before the show’s shocking finale, which might mean a late release this year but more likely aiming for an early 2024 premiere.

Is Sonic Prime Season 3 Will be the Last of the Series ?

“Sonic Prime,” an animated series created in partnership with SEGA, will return to Netflix with Season 3. Fans of the critically acclaimed video game were among the show’s most ardent supporters after its first two seasons’ triumph.

In 2022, the first season debuted with eight episodes. It was well-received by audiences, and in July 2023, the second season premiered, also consisting of 8 episodes, indicating that the story will go on from there. On the other hand, rumors are circulating that Sonic Prime’s plot could consist of 24 episodes, which could mean that the third season is the last one.

Sonic Prime Season 3 : Cast

Deven MackSonic
Ashleigh BallTails/Nine
Brian DrummondMr. Dr. Eggman/Dr. Done It
Adam NuradaKnuckles
Shannon Chen-KentAmy/Rusty Rose
Kazumi EvansRouge/Rebel Rouge
Ian HanlinShadow/Big the Cat
Vincent TongRenegade Knucks/Dr. Babble/Dr. Don’t/Dr. Deep
ValkyraeSquad Commander Red

Series’ Creators:

  • Steven T. Seagle
  • Joe Casey
  • Duncan Rouleau
  • Joe Kelley

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