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The Curse 2023 | Cast, Where to Watch Online & List of Streaming Countries

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On Friday, November 10, 2023, The Curse had its premiere. The series’ protagonists are Emma Stone’s Whitney and Nathan Fielder’s Asher Siegel. Whitney and Asher, a recently married couple on the show, own and operate a remodeling company in addition to purchasing and renovating properties in EspaƱola, New Mexico.

The sitcom has been called “cringe” for some of its cheesy sexual gags despite having a charming, attractive personality. In addition, people all over the world are eager to see the show as its popularity soars.

Where can I watch Curse 2023 Online?

Showtime’s official website, Hulu, JustWatch, and Paramount Plus, all offer streaming access to the show.

The list of nations that offer streaming is as follows:

Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Republic of Ireland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Latin America, and Brazil are among the countries where Paramount Plus with Showtime is accessible.

US military bases, certain areas of Japan, and the US mainland all have access to Hulu.

In the US and its territories and possessions, Showtime (Official Site) is available. Over 140 nations, including India, have access to JustWatch.

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Is The Curse 2023 available to watch on Netflix?

As of now while writing this article, The Curse is not available on Netflix. Once the official updates are announced on “The Curse,” we will let you know.

The Curse 2023 Plot

The plot revolves around Whitney and Asher Siegel, a newlywed couple whose goal in a small New Mexico town is to live sustainably. Safdie plays Dougie, a producer who wants to realize his dreams of owning a dream home and produces a reality program along the lines of HGTV.

The pair deals with a rumored curse that puts their relationship in jeopardy, in addition to having trouble becoming pregnant.

The Curse Cast :

Nathan FielderAsher Siegel
Emma StoneWhitney Siegel
Benny SafdieDougie Schecter
Dahabo AhmedNala
Corbin BernsenWhitney’s father
Constance SchulmanWhitney’s mother
Barkhad AbdiNala’s father

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