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Unraveling Toya’s Rumor: Quad Webb’s DUI on ‘Married to Medicine’

by ranyeen

Quad Webb, renowned for her appearance on the reality show “Married to Medicine,” has recently been at the center of an intriguing narrative. Her legal history and true identity have captivated the interest of fans and followers.

During the season 10 premiere of “Married to Medicine,” Quad got into a heated argument with Toya. In the heat of the moment, Toya alleged that Quad had a DUI, prompting viewers to investigate. So, did Quad actually have a DUI? Here’s what we’ve discovered.

The intriguing aspect of Quad’s narrative revolves around her legal past and a noteworthy revelation involving a mugshot from a prior season of the show. The revelation of her real name and the existence of this mugshot have piqued the interest of the show’s fans.

Quad Webb’s legal name is Quadriyyah Monique Webb, which has added an unexpected twist to her public persona. The disclosure of her true identity has ignited widespread curiosity and discussions about the connection between her name, her past, and her legal troubles.

The fascination surrounding Quad Webb’s legal matters began during the show’s initial season when her mugshot surfaced online. This revelation introduced a new layer of complexity to her image, stirring curiosity among fans. The mugshot was linked to a legal incident from 2011, a year before the show’s debut.

This mugshot, brought to light by Toya and Kari, became a pivotal moment in the show’s narrative. It not only heightened viewers’ curiosity but also triggered extensive conversations on various online platforms.

One recurring question in the minds of “Married to Medicine” fans is whether Quad Webb is currently incarcerated. The answer is a big NO.

However, she does have a history of legal issues, including a notable incident in 2011 when she was arrested for aggravated assault.

Quad Webb's DUI on 'Married to Medicine

Quad Webb’s arrest occurred a year before the show’s launch. She faced charges of aggravated assault and domestic violence, which are serious offenses under Georgia law. These charges could potentially result in a prison sentence of up to twenty years. Following her arrest, Webb spent three days in detention before being released on a ten thousand dollar bond.

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Another intriguing aspect of Webb’s legal past involves her allegations against her co-star Toya regarding DUI charges. During the show’s production in 2012, Webb made accusations about Toya being involved in a DUI hit-and-run drunk driving arrest. However, these allegations have been proven to be false.

The truth about Quad’s alleged DUI remains uncertain. While it’s possible that she may have faced such a charge at some point in her life, no public information supports these claims. Toya’s call for viewers to Google “DUI Quadriyyah Webb-Lunceford” appears to have led to no substantial findings regarding a DUI.

Apart from the DUI allegations, Quad’s absence during the Season 10 premiere was another talking point. Though she remains on the show, several cast members remarked on her conspicuous absence, particularly following the recent reunion special.

However, as is often the case in great reality TV, Quad is unlikely to stay away from the drama for long. Previews for upcoming episodes suggest her participation in Lateasha’s bachelorette festivities, and her name continues to be mentioned throughout the episode. New cast member Heavenly makes various allegations against Quad, making it clear that she will need to be a more active participant to defend her honor.

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