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Who is Stephen Lomas on “Squid Game: The Challenge”? Is He on TikTok ?

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Viewers of Squid Game: The Challenge is curious about Stephen Lomas’s identity, and whether or not he uses TikTok.

Stephen Gokul Lomas is tagged as Player 243 on “Squid Game: The Challenge”. He is a 30-year-old . In his personal life, he used to run a moving firm named Let’s Get Moving and resides in Kansas City, Missouri.

Nowadays, Lomas is well-known on social media, where he and his buddies go by the band KC Boys and create entertainment.

Stephen Lomas Personal Life

Coming to his personal life, Stephen is happily married to Alix Blahnik. The couple has a noticeable online presence with almost 247K followers on their shared Instagram account.

Apart from the shared Insta account, he runs a personal Instagram account which has 155k followers [ as of now ].


In the meantime, there are more than 831K subscribers to their “Alix and Stephen” YouTube account.

The most popular video on their channel was “Costco hack?”..

He joined the Youtube on Joined Apr 1, 2021.

The two appear to be most proud of their responsibilities as Aurora and Miya’s parents. In particular, Stephen takes great pride in his paternal position and seizes every opportunity to spend time with his lovely family.

To Squid Game: The Challenge, Stephen Lomas also disclosed that his childhood was not particularly easy, stating:

“There was no stability in my household, no direction,” Stephen recalled. “I come from a big family. Uh, nine kids. I’m one of nine, and my parents started having kids at an early age. I’m talking way too early to be having kids. And we’ve been homeless. We’ve been living in cars. We’ve been house and couch-hopping as a bunch of kids, man.”

Although he had a great relationship with his mother when he was younger, Lomas also mentioned that he and his family went without food on certain nights while he was growing up and that he was no longer close to his parents.

Is Squid Game’s Stephen Lomas on TikTok?

Yes, Squid Game: The Challenge’s Stephen Lomas is on TikTok. Here is link to follow him on TikTok.

On the video-sharing platform, Stephen Lomas currently has 328K followers [ While we are publishing the article ]. Stephen shares reels and videos on TikTok about his personal life, including the time he spent with friends and family. In addition, he shares posts on his career as a social media influencer.

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