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Why isn’t Hyde in “That 90s show” ? What’s the Reason behind his absence in the Show ?

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“That ’90s Show” stands out as a favorite among fans of the past period in the nostalgia-driven world of TV sitcoms. Beloved figures like Donna, Eric, Jackie, Fez, and Kelso make eagerly awaited cameos throughout the series. But in this new series, Hyde is conspicuously missing from the That 70’s Show main cast. People are curious as to why Hyde isn’t on That 90s Show.

The popular teen sitcom “That 70’s Show” was revived as “That 90’s Show”, which premieres a new group of youngsters in Point Place, Wisconsin. Callie Haverda’s Leia, the daughter of Donna and Eric, and Mace Coronel’s Jay, the son of Kelso and Jackie, are two among them. Characters like Gwen, Brooke, Ozzie, Nikki, and Nate are part of the ensemble. Most of the original cast members appear in the first season, visiting Kitty and Red Foreman’s home. Still, one notable absence is Hyde, who is never mentioned or even seen, not even in a nostalgic flashback.

Throughout all eight seasons of the show, Steven Hyde—a crucial member of the original friend group—played a major role. After leaving a turbulent home and battling a number of legal issues, Hyde discovered a surrogate family in the Formans, especially since he was Eric’s surrogate brother. Even though he is romantically involved with both Jackie and Donna, his trip ends without them. But because of the litigation and legal claims against actor Danny Masterson, the show purposefully leaves the character out of the story.

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Why is Hyde not in “That 90’s Show” ?

Thespian Danny Masterson, who played Steven Hyde, was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison after being found guilty on two charges of rape in May 2023.

Three women accused Masterson of sexual assault in March 2017, which prompted the Los Angeles Police Department to launch an official investigation. Masterson refuted the claims, but a later Netflix investigation led to his dismissal from the cast of The Ranch. Netflix’s official response, following their entire breakup with Masterson, said the character would be removed from the show and that production would be temporarily halted to accommodate the script modifications.

He was accused of raping three different women in discrete events between 2001 and 2003, while That 70’s Show was still broadcast in 2020. Regarding Hyde’s absence in the new series, neither Netflix nor the original That 70’s Show cast members have made any comments.

Masterson went on trial in 2022 after entering a not-guilty plea to all three accusations. However, the trial was deemed a mistrial in December 2022 due to the jury’s inability to reach a unanimous verdict.

That ’90s Show makes no reference to Hyde’s status or personality. That ’90s Show has a lot of flashbacks to the original series, but none of them involve or mention Hyde. For example, in the season finale “Kids in America,” there’s a scene where Fez sees flashbacks of his old friend group, but Hyde isn’t in them.

How does That ’90s Show deal with the absence of Hyde?

The reboot centers on Eric and Donna’s daughter Leia (Callie Haverda), who spends the summer at her grandparents’ Wisconsin home and gets into mischief in the family’s cherished basement. While several cast members from the original show, including Don Stark, who played Donna’s father, Bob, make cameo appearances in the series, the main focus of the series is Leia. After learning that Jay (Mace Coronel) is the son of Jackie and Kelso, Leia even starts to have feelings for him.

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