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8 Best Nickelodeon Christmas Movies To Watch in 2023 & 2024

by ranyeen

Nothing is more relaxing than curling up with a hot chocolate mug and watching holiday television shows, especially if they are from our childhood favorites. Cartoons from the 1990s like Hey Arnold! and some classic holiday specials that always seemed extra special because we got to see our favorite TV characters celebrate the holidays were broadcast on live-action Nickelodeon Christmas movies like Side Hustle. Even now, IMDb still gives these ageless films high ratings.

8 Best Nickelodeon Christmas Movies To Watch [ Classic ]

1) The Fairly Odd Parents “Christmas Every Day!”

Timmy Turner, the main character of this film, desires an endless Christmas Day. When his wish is granted, everyone is compelled to celebrate the festival daily, swiftly spiraling out of control. Before they ruin Christmas, Timmy and his Fairy God Parents must put an end to the chaos.

2) Rugrats: “Babies in Toyland.”

Tommy Pickles and his group of young friends embark on an adventurous adventure to locate Santa’s Workshop in this beloved Nickelodeon series. They explore the world of Toyland and come upon peril and intrigue along the way. They have to heroically face everything that stands before reaching Santa’s Workshop together, testing their collective bravery. One of your all-time favorite Nickelodeon holiday films is Rugrats, which you ought to watch with your family.

3) Hey Arnold: “Arnold’s Thanksgiving.”

This Nickelodeon film is based in the city of Hillwood and centers on Arnold and his buddies as they investigate the reason behind the disappearance of all the adults during the holiday season. They must strive to recapture Christmas excitement and happiness while keeping a watch out for any suspicious activities with Grandpa Phil’s assistance! They will come across amusing hooligans, wild antics, and possibly even Santa Claus himself. This is an excursion that will pique your interest. Please include it in your list of the best Nickelodeon holiday films for this year.

4) Merry Christmas, Kenan

In a touching turn of circumstances, Keenan ends up in a nearby department shop, where he takes advantage of the chance to help a struggling single mother and her kids by giving them a little enchantment over the Christmas season. He laughs heartily and puts on a big smile as he resolves to adopt the persona of Santa Claus.

Keenan goes above and beyond in both costume and spirit as he fully inhabits the role of the well-known festive icon. He interacts with the kids and pays close attention to their desires, aspirations, and hopes. He makes the family laugh and smiles with his real warmth and kindness, giving them a wonderful time despite difficulties.

5) Big Time Rush Christmas Part One

Since Big Time Rush is a boy band, a holiday album release eventually made sense. As the group gets ready to head to Minnesota for the holidays, they discover they barely have enough time to record three songs. They race to different sites and engage in frantic searches for guest stars in order to complete the recording within the limited time frame. Fans of Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush are curious about the band’s current whereabouts in their fourth season, particularly following a special holiday episode.

Thanks to these Nickelodeon Christmas films, your holiday season will be filled with joy and memories. Their enduring comedy, narratives, and personalities make you feel festive all year! So gather a blanket, brew some hot chocolate, and prepare for an evening of holiday films starring Nickelodeon.

6) “The Fright Before Christmas”

Danny despises the holidays because he had too many horrible childhood memories because of his parents. Regretfully, the Ghostwriter sees through his rage and turns Danny into a live, rhyming Christmas tale as a form of retribution. Danny joins forces with his unexpectedly joyous ghostly adversaries to stop the Ghostwriter and apologize to everyone in Amity Park after unintentionally spoiling everyone’s holiday. Everyone spends the holidays in a different way, as this beautiful and deftly written episode illustrates. Watch who you snap at, even if you’re having a bad Christmas. You might injure your loved ones or have a nightmare straight out of a greeting card.

7) “11 Louds a Leapin”

Lincoln attempts to get his lost sled back from the grumpy Mr. Grouse’s yard while the Louds prepare for Christmas night. only to discover the depressing cause of his neighbor’s Christmas sour attitude. As it happens, Grouse also has a huge family, but unlike the Louds, he cannot spend Christmas with them. Lincoln thus gathers his loved ones and friends to cheer up the elderly grump. It’s common to get caught up in the glamour, excess, and mayhem of the season, but don’t forget to provide some joy to those in need—isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas?

8) “The Santa Experience”

Little do the adults know that the newborns are having their own Yuletide problems, but they still want to make this Christmas exceptionally special for the children. Tommy wants to catch Santa to show Chuckie that he’s not that scary, while Angelica wants to make amends for fooling Phil and Lil with a “Gift of the Magi” scenario. Aside from the fact that it was one of the earliest Nicktoon Christmas specials, this one immediately becomes a classic due to its nostalgic portrayal of a traditional white Christmas spent with family and friends, as seen from the viewpoints of both children and adults, with a delightful surprise at the conclusion.

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