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How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-2 ? [ Step by Step Procedure ]

by ranyeen

Netflix Error code UI-800-2 : Facing any issue or error while streaming Netflix on your Device ? In this blog post we will cover one such error related to Netflix i.e.  “UI-800-2 error code”.

Netflix doesn’t provide much information”UI-800-2″ error . Unfortunately if this error appears while you are streaming your favorite movie which you have been waiting for long, then obviously it could frustrate you.

Fortunately fixing this issue is a breeze. It wont take much time and not much work is involved in fixing this error.

It interferes with your watching experience and won’t let anything play, much like all other Netflix error codes. 

What Exactly is the Reason Behind “Error Code UI-800-2” on Netflix ?

Understanding the exact cause any error of Netflix is challenging. There would be multiple reasons behind the error.  A bad internet connection or a corrupted cache are few of reasons that may cause the Netflix error. Apart from the above mentioned issues, there may be numerous things that could cause ruckus in Netflix Streaming.

In order to speed up the loading time , Netflix stores data on your streaming device. So When you open the application on your device it takes very less time when compared to starting the app for the first time.

Some times these data stored on the device may get distorted or malfunctioned. If this happens there are high possibility that you could face “error code UI-800-2” on your Smart Tv.

So the recommended fix is “deleting the cache” on your device.

Simple solution [ in most cases the issue will be resolved with this one ] to make the Netflix application function again without any disturbance is to clear your data.

Another key step to make Netflix work without any error is ” Restarting or signing in again”. Typically this fix is best in resolving the issue.

In general these error codes are not related to any hardware malfunction, so you need not worry about your device.

What is Netflix’s “Error Code UI-800-2” ?

In simple terms if ” Error code UI-800-2″ appears on your device, it indicates that you have refresh your device and it is necessary for your device to perform normally.

As we have stated earlier there could be number of reasons that could escalate the chance of error appearing on your device. But the most important and main culprit is obviously the “Cached Data”.

To be precise these Netflix Error code appears on streaming devices and Smart TV’s. I haven’t seen any this error on PC or Laptop while streaming on Netflix.

On Smart TV’s like Samsung , Sony, LG ” error code UI-800-2 ” is very common and you need not worry that about Device. As this error is no where concerned with the Hardware malfunction. Similarly you can expect the error streaming devices like Firestick and on gaming consoles.

Netflix Error Code UI-800-2 : Solutions

We will list out simple tweaks which could help you in fixing “Error Code UI-800-2“. So be wise the follow the procedures stated below.

1) Restart Your Streaming Device

Most easiest fix is to restart the device. What ever may be the device [ may it be Firestick, Roku, Gaming console ] restarting could almost fix the issue. Because restarting the device forces the Netflix app to reload, which can refresh the data.

Another crucial thing to do before restarting your device is to “switch off any streaming devices that are connected”.

Hope this step will fix the issue.

2) Restart your Internet Connection

Restarting your TV doesn’t guarantee Netflix app to get updated and refreshed if you are not online. so we recommend you to check the internet connection before restarting the device. Even more better is to “restart internet connection” and go for restarting your device. These step could eliminate the possibility of of Netflix not getting updated.

3) Sign Out of Netflix

Another simple hack is to sign out of Netflix .

With this step, the app’s cache will be cleared, and it enables a  fresh install the next time you log in. Any distorted cache that is stored on the device will be deleted and chances are high that the error will go away.

Signing out of Netflix is easy process but you may face difficulty in finding “Sign out” option.

You can see Sign Out option under “Profile” or Settings or “Get Help” menu. If you still don’t find the “Sign Out” option, then we will provide you a simple hack , where you can complete sign out process using “Remote”.

Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up on your remote.

This will cause the deactivation screen to appear, which gives you an option to log out of your Netflix account.

4) Reinstall Netflix Again

Unfortunately if “restarting device” and “Sign out of Netflix” does not work, then the next best solution is to uninstall Netflix App from your Device.

Wait for Few minutes and Reinstall the Application.

This will completely clear up any residual data, repair any lost files on the device and reset the Netflix App.

Netflix app comes by default in few devices. It may not be easy for you to remove Netflix app in such devices.  Make use of Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to uninstall Netflix app, but we don’t recommend this step. Instead skip this step move on to the next possible solution.

5) Factory Reset

Opt for “Factory rest” option  only in the worst-case scenario. If the streaming device is factory reset, all data and programs from third parties will be erased from its memory, restoring it to its initial state.

Factory Solution is one stop solution for all Netflix errors including “UI-800-2 “. But be cautious in choosing this option as it will erase all the data on your device. Only prefer this step, if you are out of options.

This will be time-consuming process as you will need to reinstall all the apps manually. 

Conclusion : All the fixes mentioned above works in most cases. We recommend to use Factory reset only if all the options fails. Any queries and suggestions related to Netflix errors please do let us know in the comments section.

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