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High Tides Season 2 Renewal : Release Date, Filming status

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“High Tides, ” known as Knokke Off, has become a popular Netflix series for teenagers. The Dutch Netflix original garnered much attention following its global release on Netflix. It debuted in May 2023 on VRT Max and made its way to Netflix in the Netherlands in July 2023.

Even though the show was initially compared to an Outer Banks-style beach village in Europe, it turns out to be complex, dramatic, and crazy.

High Tides Season 2 Renewal

After the show’s first season concluded, fans were left excitedly wondering what would happen next, which sparked conversations about whether High Tides would return for a second season. For supporters, there is, thankfully, good news.

On December 12, 2023, Netflix formally announced a second season renewal for High Tides. The announcement was made via a video posted by the show’s cast on social media. Pommelien Thijs, Willem De Schryver, Eliyha Altena, and Anna Drijver were among the actors who excited fans about the show’s return.”

High Tides Season 2 Release date

No official announcement regarding the release date of High Tides season 2 on Netflix has been made. It will take some time before such information is made public. On the plus side, Thijs stated in the video announcing the renewal that they intend to return to the set in 2024, which is encouraging news. This implies that there will be a manageable break between seasons.

Given the nature of the show’s production, it doesn’t seem like filming for High Tides season 2 will take an unduly long period. This makes it more likely that the show will make a comeback to Netflix in 2024—possibly towards the end of the year.

Weather and other environmental elements, in particular, considerably impact the production timeline. Given that High Tides is primarily set in seaside locations, filming may begin in April or May, providing the upcoming season doesn’t feature any significant alterations.

A similar schedule is expected for season 2,  given that the previous season’s production began in June 2022 and ran through the summer.

The Hollywood strikes may have a similar effect on High Tides’ production schedule, postponing it until 2024 because of the necessity for specialized seasonal filming.

High Tides season 2 may not debut until 2025 or possibly late 2024, given that production is expected to last until the summer of 2024.

High Tides Season 2 : Cast

Netflix has not yet revealed the entire cast of High Tides season 2, 

but we can infer with reasonable certainty which characters will be back.

Pommelien ThijsLouise
Eliyha AltenaDaan
Anna DrijverMelissa
Willem De SchryverAlexander
Manouk PluisAnouk
Emma MoortgatEmilie
Felicia van RemoortelOlivia
Ruth BecquartEleonore
Geert Van RampelbergPatrick
Ini MassezAngelique
Pieter GenardJan
Jasmine SendarChristina
Ayana DoucouréMargaux
Kes BakkerMatti
Jef HellemansVictor
Pierre GervaisCharles

High Tides Season 1 : Plot & Episodes List

In the gripping teen drama series “High Tides,” directed by Anthony Van Biervliet, a group of youngsters navigate the summertime trials of a seaside village. The first season explores themes like love, friendship, and self-discovery as it digs into the life-changing experiences of adolescence.

Ten episodes in the first season of “High Tides” are available to stream on Netflix.

Here is the episodes list :

Episode NumberTitle
1Welcome to Knokke, bitch!
2Do You Want a Taste?
3If You Lie With Dogs
4I Have a Great F Idea!
5Home Sweet Home
6I Smell Like Sex
7The Big Bad Wolf
8At Least She’s a Good Girl
9They Know
10To Love?

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