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“Like Flowers in Sand” a popular K-Drama is coming to Netflix in December 2023.

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Netflix is set to release ENA’s forthcoming weekly K-drama ‘Like Flowers In Sand’ in December 2023.

The next internationally licensed South Korean romantic comedy series, Like Flowers in Sand, is written and directed by screenwriter Won Yoo Jung and directed by Kim Jin Woo.

In December 2023, Like Flowers in Sand, a brand-new weekly K-drama will debut on Netflix. Here is the list of K-dramas releasing in December 2023. If you are interested K-dramas of different genres then don’t miss them.

When can we expect “Like Flowers in Sand” to premiere on Netflix? 

On Thursday, December 21, 2023, Like Flowers in Sand will debut as a Netflix original episode.

A total of sixteen episodes are planned. Netflix will release new episodes for streaming on Thursdays and Fridays. Each episode is said to have a 60-minute length.

On Friday, January 26, 2023, the series finale will be available on Netflix.

Are you eagerly waiting for the “Like Flowers in Sand” trailer? Here is the bad news. Unfortunately, the “Like Flowers in Sand “trailer has not yet been released on Netflix. We will let you know once the trailer is officially released.

“Like Flowers in Sand will” air on ENA, a South Korean network, the day before it becomes accessible for Netflix streaming.

” Like Flowers in Sand ” Plot and Storyline:

Kim Bae Doo represents the Geosan County Office on the ssireum team and is the youngest member of a prominent ssireum family. Baek Doo is considering giving up on sports entirely, despite his exceptional talent. He reverses his retirement intentions when his childhood buddy Oh Yoo Kyung reappears in his life and takes over as the team’s commander.

“Like Flowers in Sand” Cast

Jang Dong Yoon portrays Kim Baek Doo as the main role. Oh Yoo Kyung is portrayed by Lee Joo Myung as the primary role.

Apart from the leading role, here is the list of supporting cast

Lee Joo SeungCho Seok Hee
Yoon Jong SeokMin Hyun Wook
Lee Jae JoonKwak Jin Soo
Kim Bo RaJoo Mi Ran
Ahn Chang HwanLee Kyung Moon
Jang Hee JungAhn Hyun Jin
Choi Moo SungKim Tae Baek
Jang Young NamMa Jin Sook
Woo HyunPark Pil Doo
Hwang Seok JungLim Hyun Ja
Seo Jung YeonChu Mi Sook

“Like Flowers in Sand” Filming Location and When Was it filmed?

Although the precise location hasn’t been disclosed, we do know that filming took place from May 8–November 9, 2023.

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