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Kim Kardashian vs Robin Williams : How he Trolled Her ‘Baby Bump Flaunt’ In The 2013 Met Gala Outfit.

by ranyeen

Kim talked candidly in the most recent episode of The Kardashians about her 2013 Met Gala outfit and how she cried following Robin Williams’ mocking

Kim Kardashian is a style icon who has dominated the market for a considerable amount of time and has frequently made news for her daring wardrobe choices. She occasionally receives compliments on her appearance and other times she faces harsh criticism for her choice of clothes.

When Kim appeared at the 2013 Met Gala while pregnant with North, she wore a floral gown and flaunted her baby bump. Kim received backlash for her entire costume.

The businesswoman now reminisced about the incident and talked about how devastated she was by Robin Williams’ insults . 

For those who don’t know, Kourtney Kardashian made waves on the internet this Halloween by trying to recreate Kim Kardashian’s 2013 Met Gala outfit while she was also pregnant. But did you know that Kim had cried when Robin Williams made hurtful remarks?

Kim Kardashian recalled the contentious appearance and said to her daughter North West, “When you were in my belly and I wore that floral dress,” on the most recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The child said, “I really don’t like that one,” right away. Not only did she say it, but Scott Disick concurred, saying, “Nobody liked that one.”

Deep in the Valley (2009) actress went on to say that she was moved to tears when the late Robin Williams shared a picture of her Met Gala outfit beside that of his Mrs. Doubtfire from the 1993 film.

He remarked, “I think I wore it better!” “I cried when Robin Williams mocked me and posted, ‘Who wore it better?'” Kim Kardashian continued.

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