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White Lotus Season 3 :What We Know So Far

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We all know that the show’s creator, Mike White, has already begun plotting out the third season.

After its shocking second season finale in December 2022, viewers are eagerly waiting for the third season of The White Lotus. But as per the latest updates, we will have to wait until 2025 for the premiering of Season 3.

The effects of the WGA strike and the continuing SAG-AFTRA strike delayed the third season’s premiere until 2025, as announced in October 2023 by HBO and Max chairman/CEO Casey Bloys.

Director Mike White has hinted at a “supersized” season. It will be lengthier, bigger, and crazier, the director said. I have no idea what other people will think, but I am incredibly thrilled, so that’s a positive thing for me.

It is anticipated that filming will commence in Thailand sometime in February of 2024.

HBO has officially announced the renewal of White Lotus 3rd Season

Casey Bloys, CEO of HBO, mentioned that White had recently offered the idea for season three at Series Mania in March 2023. “It’s fantastic, an incredibly entertaining concept,” Bloys exclaimed. The season is “an exploration about spirituality versus the ego,” Orsi revealed in a subsequent interview.

Mike White, the creator, is delighted as well. “I feel so lucky to get this opportunity again and am excited to reunite with my amazingly talented collaborators,” he said in a press release.

Source : Variety

White Lotus New Cast Announced and Started Filming

New Season 3 Cast Announced for HBO’s “The White Lotus,” with Production Set to Begin in February 2024.

The White Lotus, Mike White’s show, is preparing extensively for Season 3. The Emmy-winning HBO anthology series began casting for its forthcoming third instalment on November 9, the same day the SAG-AFTRA strike ended at 12:01 AM, by revealing a list of the new stars. According to our sources, production is expected to start in Thailand in early February.

Mike White, creator of The White Lotus, gave an update on Season 3, whose premiere is anticipated to be in 2025, saying that he hopes to begin production “at the beginning of the year.”
White stated, “I’m seriously finishing scripts” when discussing the forthcoming chapter that was halted due to the work stoppage.

Regarding Season 3, White stated, “It’s going to be a supersized White Lotus.” Longer, bigger, and crazier is what it’s going to be.

Season 3 “Supersized” is teased by “The White Lotus” creator Mike White.

The creator of “The White Lotus” hints at a third season of “Supersized”: ‘It’s gonna be longer, bigger, and crazier,’ Mike White has stated his intention to begin filming season 3 of HBO’s holiday drama “at the beginning of the year”.

Source : EW

Natasha Rothwell’s Belinda may return for The White Lotus season three.

Belinda, the spa manager who developed a tenuous relationship with Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) in the first season, will be back for season three of the HBO comedy. In a tweet on Wednesday, Rothwell expressed her delight. Writing, “Belinda is back, baby!!!” She exclaimed.

Where can you watch The White Lotus Season 3?

Seasons one and two of The White Lotus are currently available to watch on Max. So, Season 3 will be available on Max. If you don’t have a Max subscription, buy a new one, as Season 3 is coming.

Season 3 Filming Will Take Place in Thailand

Money was the focus of the first season, while sex was the focus of the second. Talking about the third season, White teased a humorous and sarcastic exploration of mortality and Eastern religion and spirituality during the aftershow of the season two finale.

Filming locations for the first two seasons were the Four Seasons Maui and San Domenico, respectively, in Taormina, Italy. Therefore, it’s likely that the third season will continue the trend.

But there is a little deviation from the trend they followed earlier, i.e.,

Sources connected to the production told Variety that in March 2023, Thailand will serve as the location for season three.

In addition, executive producer David Bernad has announced that Asia will serve as the setting for season three. “We’ve tried to work in Asia a lot and hopefully season three will be our chance to make something happen there,” he commented.

Source : Variety

Jennifer Coolidge’s comeback for season three is quite unlikely.

“I can’t go to Italy without Jennifer,” White said at the premiere, adding, “Jennifer is my friend and everybody loved her in the first season.” Perhaps that is true even now for Season 3. 

The only real consideration is who is available since we have collaborated with so many entertaining actors thus far. The speculation that Coolidge needed to be in a different season turned out to be a ploy to distract viewers from revealing the first season’s killer.
Nevertheless, it appears that the headlines around Coolidge’s need for another season were an elaborate ploy to divert viewers’ attention from the reveal of the show’s first death.

White brought up the possibility of Nicole’s (Connie Britton) return to the show before the second season began. “He wanted me to be in the second season, and there was an idea that I loved for the character,” according to Britton. “We plan to do it in the third season,” they said.

In the third season, we intend to fix a casting decision that bombed in the second. Every one of that show’s characters deserves their spinoff.

Britton expressed her desire to return for a third season in an interview in 2023, but she has not yet heard anything along those lines. “I have loved collaborating with him, and I’ll say yes to him until the end of time,” she commented.

According to Sabrina Impacciatore, who spoke to Deadline after receiving an Emmy nomination for her performance as Valentina, Mike White “wrote me and said I want to work with you again,” however Impacciatore claimed she is unsure if this refers to season three.

Along with his Emmy nomination for his performance as Cameron Sullivan in season two, Theo James told the magazine, “The nice thing about Mike is that he’s created a continuing world where these characters can interact in the future.”

Belinda, portrayed by Natasha Rothwell, is one character who will most certainly be back.

What is the Expected Release date of White Lotus Season 3?

The first season premiered in the summer of 2021, and the second in the fall of 2022. “The White Lotus was ideally looking to release season 3 in 2024, but the strikes changed plans. Bloys revised the schedule in the fall of 2023, stating that the season will most likely air in 2025.

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