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Arnold Schwarzenegger honored “Award of Courage” by Holocaust Museum LA

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Arnold Schwarzenegger apart from his super star status was recognized for his steadfast stand against antisemitism and bigotry. he was bestowed with the inaugural “Award of Courage” at Holocaust Museum LA’s annual gala on a Monday night filled with poignant moments. The event which was hosted at the illustrious Beverly Hills Hotel, unfolded amid the backdrop of the Israel-Gaza conflict, drawing attention to the urgent need for unity. A significant gathering of 27 Holocaust survivors added depth to the occasion, highlighting the gravity of Holocaust Museum LA’s 15th annual gala, the oldest of its kind in the U.S.

Guy Lipa, the board chair, set the tone by acknowledging the community’s emotional turmoil caused by Hamas’s atrocities. Despite the prevailing fears and anger stemming from rampant antisemitism, the event became a beacon of hope as the community rallied together in solidarity.

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In a reflective moment, Schwarzenegger received his award from producer Mike Medavoy, the man he credited with kickstarting his acting career after a successful stint as a bodybuilder. Recounting his life’s journey, Schwarzenegger shared few of his aspirations like becoming the world’s most muscular man , achieving fame and wealth in America. However, as an Austrian native and the son of a Nazi, he never forgot his roots and he felt a deep-seated desire to combat hatred and advocate for inclusion.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The actor delved into a personal experience of confronting antisemitism within his own family when his father disapproved of a bodybuilding magazine due to its Jewish publisher. A pivotal moment occurred when Schwarzenegger, having achieved success and fame, revealed to his father that the same Jewish publisher had facilitated his journey to America.

This revelation fueled his determination to actively speak out against hatred. With increasing prominence as a celebrity, movie star, and bodybuilding icon, he recognized the amplified platform he had to combat antisemitism and prejudice, using his influence as a force for positive change.

In the midst of the current tumultuous chatter and the sea of negativity, Schwarzenegger passionately emphasizes the need to confront these forces head-on. According to him, it’s crucial to speak out against the prevailing hatred and lies that spreads in every section of the society.

Schwarzenegger believes that addressing these problems daily and repeatedly is very important. He urges individuals to engage in conversations that dismantle these negative narratives. For him, the antidote lies in speaking up, talking people down, and emphasizing that the path forward is paved with love. In his worldview, love emerges as the ultimate victor, and hatred is going to be vanquished at the end.

Faqs :

Which award was presented to Arnold Schwarzenegger ?

Arnold Schwarzenegger was honored with the inaugural “Award of Courage” at Holocaust Museum LA’s annual gala.

Who Presented the award to Arnold Schwarzenegger ?

The award was presented to Arnold Schwarzenegger by producer Mike Medavoy during the gala held at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was bestowed with the Award ?

Arnold Schwarzenegger received the Award of Courage on Monday night at Holocaust Museum LA’s annual gala. [ November 5, 2023 ]

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