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Finally a New Update from “Silent Hill 2” Remake Developer : Bloober team

by ranyeen

The gaming industry is currently experiencing many wonderful things, one of which is the recent trend of recreating previous games for both fresh generations and devoted fans.

Even if a lot of people are quick to criticize studios for their lack of creativity, it’s great that those of us who weren’t big video game fans at the time can now enjoy such critically praised titles.

Undeniably, one of the most awaited remakes among gaming fans is the ” Silent Hill 2″ Remake, and the good news is it was announced in October 2022.

After more than a year, we haven’t heard anything other than the teaser trailer released on the same day as the announcement, which has some fans wondering if the remake is really canceled.

New Update from “Silent Hill 2” Remake Developer : Bloober team

Recently, the team behind the remake of Silent Hill 2, Bloober Team, has provided an update on the game’s development. They responded to the criticism from fans on their poor communication.

Another tweet from a fan who appeared to be upset inquired whether the game had already been canceled. In response, the Bloober team posted a GIF of Jack Sparrow with the caption “Not True.”

Although there isn’t much of an update regarding the status of the Silent Hill 2 remake, the references provide some news.

Although a release date remains unknown, the remake game is expected to be released in  2024 or 2025 and is a PlayStation 5 exclusive game.

Not only that, but Konami, the game’s publisher, would be the only source for any updates or correspondence on the game. This is a response to fans who inquired about the Bloober Team’s lack of updates for the game.

What do we know so far about Silent Hill 2?

All of the current information about the Silent Hill 2 remake comes from different leaks.
Additionally, bookings for the game have abruptly begun to surface online on the websites of several merchants, leading some fans to believe that an announcement regarding the game’s release date would soon be made.

As of now, no official update has been given. Once the announcement is made, we will let you know.

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