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“Friends” Actor Reveals How Matthew Perry Saved Chandler and Monica’s Relationship by requesting the Writers

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In a recent interview with TMZ, Lisa Cash, who guest-starred on “Friends” in Season 5, shared a fascinating behind-the-scenes story. Originally cast as a hotel worker in the episode “The One in Vegas: Part 1,” Cash explained how her character’s role took an unexpected twist.

The initial script involved Chandler (role played by Matthew Perry) cheating on Monica (role played by Courteney Cox) after an argument about Monica having lunch with her ex-flame Richard (Tom Selleck). Chandler was supposed to connect with Cash’s character, who worked at the hotel.

“We had rehearsed it and everything,” Cash said. But a day before the shoot, Perry approached the writers with concerns. He believed that Chandler cheating on Monica would make the audience unforgiving. So he requested the writer to change the storyline and ofcourse he was succesful in convincing them.

Matthew Perry’s intervention ensured that Chandler and Monica’s relationship remained intact, which was a central love story on the show. By the end of the series, the couple got married, adopted twins, and were planning to move to the suburbs. Monica and Chandler’s enduring love story was maintained, thanks to Perry’s decision.

While Lisa Cash’s character didn’t become a pivotal part of Monica and Chandler’s relationship, she did enjoy her time on the set. She recalled that Matthew Perry made her feel comfortable and welcome during her appearance.

Matthew Perry Saved Chandler and Monica's Relationship

This story comes in the wake of Matthew Perry’s unexpected death on October 28, leaving fans and the entertainment industry in shock. The cause of his death is still unknown, with pending toxicology reports. Perry’s legacy includes his memorable performance as Chandler Bing and the off-screen impact he had on preserving the iconic love stories of “Friends” for the audience.”

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