Home News Doctor Matthew Lani : TikTok Star arrested at Johannesburg hospital [ South Africa ]

Doctor Matthew Lani : TikTok Star arrested at Johannesburg hospital [ South Africa ]

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Doctor Matthew Lani : TikTok Star arrested at Johannesburg hospital

Matthew Lani, popular Tiktok influencer , has found himself in the center of a bizarre tale that could be as good as any Hollywood caper. Accused of duping thousands by posing as a medical expert and peddling medications online, his audacious charade came to a dramatic end when he attempted to infiltrate a South African hospital.

Matthew Lani earned his fame by sharing medical advice and offering medication, amassing thousands of followers along the way. But his stint as a fake doctor took an astonishing twist on a fateful Sunday night. Lani hatched a daring plan to sneak into the Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg, donning a surgical mask and stethoscope to avoid suspicion.

His audacious escapade didn’t stop there. When confronted by the authorities, Lani made a desperate bid for freedom, leaping out of a bathroom window in a daring escape attempt. Unfortunately for him, the long arm of the law was swift, and he was soon apprehended.

The Gauteng province’s Department of Health issued a scathing statement, exposing Lani’s repeated intrusion into the hospital premises under the false pretense of being a qualified doctor. The security personnel at Helen Joseph Hospital had been vigilant in stopping him.

Lani, a mere 21-year-old, had spun a web of lies to cement his charade, falsely claiming to hold a medical degree from the University of Witwatersrand, where he alleged he studied from 2014 to 2021. He further embellished his fictitious credentials by suggesting that his high school certificate was obtained from Cambridge International College. This deceitful journey led him to claim that he held a medical license from the Health Professionals Council of South Africa and was employed at a Johannesburg hospital.

However, investigations swiftly unraveled his deception. The University of Witwatersrand refuted any association with Lani or his alleged medical degree, while the Department of Education confirmed he had not obtained his Grade 12 certificate.

Prior to his account being shut down, Lani had amassed almost 300,000 followers on TikTok. Undeterred, he created a new account and it has amassed to 50,000 followers.

Lani even tried to dupe authorities by adopting the alias of Dr. Sanele Zingelwa, claiming to be a second-year medical intern at the Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital. Dr. Zingelwa has taken legal action against Lani, accusing him of fraud.

Matthew Lani’s arrest is just the latest chapter in a growing saga of individuals impersonating medical professionals in South Africa. According to the Ministry of Health, there have been around 124 such arrests over the past three years, highlighting the pressing need for vigilance in the healthcare industry.

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